A Google Chrome plug-in called FasterChrome has been developed for those who want to navigate the internet faster and has been released for free.


 The plugin allows you to access pages faster by booting links from pages quickly as you mouse over them.

Google has confirmed that it will continue releasing Chrome updates very soon, which it announced had halted the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak, and that future updates have many new features planned. But the search giant has no plans to speed up its browser with a tool.

This is exactly where the free Chrome extension called FasterChrome comes into play. The plugin is Instant, a script that speeds up the loading time of websites.It was developed and published by the company that developed page. FasterChrome, instant of sites.It uses the same principle to speed up the upload time of all sites, regardless of whether they use page or not.

When the extension is installed and activated, Chrome automatically starts booting some data from the web page when you stand on a link with the mouse for at least 65 milliseconds. Instant.Page put a test on his official website of how long the 65 milliseconds lasted. The app has been downloaded by 30 thousand people so far and has received 4.5 stars from users.